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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is an in-demand multi-disciplinary career around the world as governments are now paying greater attention to the healthy growth and development of young children. Recent research has shown that when governments invest more in the lives of young children, especially those in poverty and neglect, the investment can result in a healthier, more educated and employable adult population. As such, early childhood education has become an emerging and exciting field that can lead to real improvements for any society.

The Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor is a four-year direct honours teacher preparation programme. It aims to equip students for entry into the Singapore early childhood education profession as certified teachers for kindergartens and child care centres. The programme is also designed with a future and global outlook to produce graduates who are poised to contribute towards improving the lives of young children and their families across traditionally separate disciplines such as social services and public education (e.g., museums, healthcare).

To graduate, students are required to complete a total of 200 credit units (cu), inclusive of 40 cu of Common Curriculum courses which are designed to hone students' conceptual and writing abilities along with their communication skills. In addition, they are required to complete up to 12 months of supervised field education (including Work Attachment), an overseas experience and a community engagement. Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, social-minded, self-directed learners who are versatile enough to work with both young children and adults.

4 Year Track 3 Year Track
Applicable for
  1. Applicants with non-ECE background from:
    - A Levels
    - IB Diploma
    - NUS High
    - Polytechnic Diploma
  2. Applicants with ECE background with CGPA < 3.50
  1. Applicants with ECE diploma background from:
    - Temasek Polytechnic & Ngee Ann Polytechnic with CGPA ≥ 3.50 and GCE 'O' Level English B4 and above
Exempted from
Not applicable
  • ECE104
  • ECE108
  • ECE110
  • ECE200
  • 2 Common Curriculum Electives
  • 1 ECE Elective
Work Attachment
24 weeks
Undertake 12 weeks of Work Attachment
(with condition that you have completed the Enhanced Internship of 22 weeks or equivalent in polytechnic)

The academic admission requirements are: (a) at least three passes in H2 content subjects; or (b) a local polytechnic diploma, an international baccalaureate diploma, or a diploma from NUS High School; or (c) an equivalent of (a) or (b). Applicants with (c) have to submit SAT1 scores. There will be additional admission criteria to better target students who are aligned to the educational philosophy of our full-time programmes. This will be done through interviews and selection tests.

Teacher Registration Requirements
To be a teacher or educarer in pre-school centres in Singapore, students must register with ECDA. Please find more details on the category of teacher here.

Medical Requirements
All shortlisted applicants will be required to complete a self-declaration medical form.

Applicants who are offered a place in SUSS’s full-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor programme will need to pass a medical examination before their acceptance of the offer can be confirmed.

Please note that the medical clearance requirements mirror ECDA's pre-employment medical requirements and therefore are subject to ECDA’s updates.

In addition, we would like to bring to your attention that the nature of coursework in this programme involves working with large groups of young children in local child care centres and kindergartens and would require good mental and physical health. Therefore conditions such as the following may impede your coursework:

  • Epilepsy (uncontrolled by medication)
  • Legal blindness
  • Profound deafness
  • Diabetes (uncontrolled by medication)
  • Restricted mobility

Graduates can look forward to enriching careers in public and private sectors in education and community work, social entrepreneurship, as well as international non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

All Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents who are successfully enrolled into the full-time Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Minor programme in SUSS may qualify for the Training Award (University) [TA(Uni)]. The award includes tuition fees and monthly stipend. Applications are made directly to Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA). Please refer to ECDA's website for more details.

Early Childhood Education Major-Minor Programme
10 cu
SUSS Core Compulsory
  • SCO101 Why Do Good? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO103 New Empires (2.5 cu)
  • SCO201 Space, People & the City (5 cu)
10 cu
Restricted Electives
  • SCO111 Reasoning like a Sceptic (2.5 cu)
  • SCO113 Why Work? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO211 Science for Sustainability (5 cu)
20 cu
Unrestricted Electives

* General electives refers to all credit-bearing courses offered in the University and outside your enrolled programmes
100 cu
Major Courses
Early Childhood Education Major - Compulsory 90 cu
  • ECE100 Children, Care and Education: Issues and Contexts
  • ECE102 Children as Thinkers and Meaning Makers
  • ECE104 Child Health, Growth and Well-Being
  • ECE106 Child-Centred Pedagogy and Guidance
  • ECE108 Supporting Communication and Emergent Literacy through Play
  • ECE110 Music, Movement and Story Drama
  • ECE200 Supporting Sensory and Motor Development
  • ECE202 Multimodal Literacies in a Play-based Curriculum
  • ECE204 Facilitating Children's Mathematical Thinking
  • ECE206 Practitioner Enquiry and Learning
  • ECE208 Assessing and Documenting Learning
  • ECE210 Advocacy and Collaborations with Families in a Multicultural Context
  • ECE300 Scientific Enquiry and Social Studies in an Integrated Curriculum
  • ECE302 Children's Social and Emotional Learning
  • ECE304 Supporting Diverse Learners
  • ECE306 Early Childhood Research Methods
  • ECE308 Art, Imagination and Meaning Making
  • ECE310 Birth to Three Responsive Curriculum
Major Electives - 10 cu (Choose 2)
  • ECE260 Changing Societies, Changing Childhoods
  • ECE262 Perspectives on Child Study
  • ECE360 Case-based Child Study and Intervention
  • ECE362 Teacher Leadership
  • ECE364 Curriculum Planning with Children's Books
  • ECE366 Comparing Curricular Approaches and Models
40 cu
Minor Courses
Minor Courses (to be taken in the evening)
Please note that not all courses are presented every semester and some courses have pre-requisites. You are to select ONE minor from the list of minors available.

* There are specific admission requirements and additional interviews for some of the Minor courses.

20 cu
Integrative Course & Applied Project
  • ECE 490 Teaching Practice (10 cu)
  • ECE 499 Early Childhood Education Applied Project (10 cu)
Compulsory Non Credit Programme Graduation Requirements
  • 24-weeks Work Attachment
  • Overseas Experience
  • Community Engagement
  • Teambuilding / Life Skills / Career Preparatory Workshop
  • Centre-Based Field Attachment (up to 4 weeks every semester)
  • e-Portfolio

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