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Supply Chain Management

The logistics and supply chain management (SCM) industry is a key pillar of Singapore’s economy. Global companies in new growth sectors – such as aerospace, biomedical sciences, chemical, energy, oil and gas equipment, technology, and high-value collectibles – have chosen Singapore as their key global and regional base in Asia. These global players present new opportunities for logistics and SCM professionals to be deployed and to develop innovative solutions to meet the complex needs. This will drive further demand for logistics and SCM talent.

The Bachelor of Science in Supply Chain Management with Minor is a four-year direct honours programme. Students are required to complete a total of 200 credit units (cu), inclusive of 40 cu of Common Curriculum courses. The Common Curriculum courses are first-year courses designed to hone students’ conceptual and writing abilities along with their communication skills. Students are also required to complete a 24-week work attachment, an overseas experience and a community engagement. Singapore University of Social Sciences aims to produce graduates who are professionally competent, social-minded and self-directed learners.

The academic admission requirements to the full-time programme are: (a) at least three passes in H2 content subjects; or (b) a local polytechnic diploma, or an international baccalaureate diploma or a diploma from NUS High School; or (c) an equivalent of (a) or (b). Applicants with (c) have to submit SAT1 scores. There will be additional admission criteria to select students who are aligned to the educational philosophy of our full-time programmes. This will be done through interviews and selection tests.

Graduates can look forward to promising careers in areas such as supply chain planning, logistics and transport, inventory and warehousing, port/airport management, trade and pricing, and procurement.

Students pursuing the full-time Major-Minor programmes are required to complete 200 credit units (cu), which include:

  • 40 cu of SUSS Core
  • 100 cu of Major Courses: 80 cu Compulsory Courses + 20 cu Elective Courses
  • 40 cu of Minor Courses
  • 10 cu of an Integrative Course
  • 10 cu of an Applied Project


Supply Chain Management Major-Minor Programme
10 cu
SUSS Core Compulsory
  • SCO101 Why Do Good? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO103 New Empires (2.5 cu)
  • SCO201 Space, People & the City (5 cu)
10 cu
Restricted Electives
  • SCO111 Reasoning like a Sceptic (2.5 cu)
  • SCO113 Why Work? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO211 Science for Sustainability (5 cu)
20 cu
Unrestricted Electives

* General electives refers to all credit-bearing courses offered in the University and outside your enrolled programmes
100 cu
Major Courses (Compulsory)
Supply Chain Major - Compulsory 80 cu
  • ACC202 Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • BUS100 Business Skills and Management
  • BUS105 Statistics
  • BUS107 Quantitative Methods
  • BUS201 Contract and Agency Law
  • BUS204 Business Excellence
  • ECO201 Managerial Economics
  • FIN303 Financial Management
  • HRM203 Human Behaviour in Organisations
  • LOG201 Supply Chain Management
  • LOG203 Inventory Management
  • LOG205 Transport Management
  • LOG301 Information Management for Supply Chains
  • LOG303 Sourcing and Supply Management
  • LOG305 International Trade Law
  • MKT202 Marketing Management
Major Electives - 20 cu (Choose 4)
  • BUS353 Project Management
  • BUS363 Total Quality Management
  • LOG207 Warehousing and Material Handling
  • LOG351 Lean Six Sigma for Supply Chains
  • LOG353 Ocean Freight Management
  • LOG355 Air Freight Management
  • LOG357 Port and Terminal Management
  • LOG359 Selected Topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
40 cu
Minor Courses
Minor Courses (to be taken in the evening)
Please note that not all courses are presented every semester and some courses have pre-requisites. You are to select ONE minor from the list of minors available.
20 cu
Integrative Course & Applied Project
  • BUS489 Strategy for Business (10 cu)
  • LOG488 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Applied Project (10 cu)
Compulsory Non Credit Programme Graduation Requirements
  • 24-weeks Work Attachment
  • Overseas Experience
  • Community Engagement
  • Teambuilding / Life Skills / Career Preparatory Workshop
  • e-Portfolio

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