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Accountancy / Accountancy (Work-Study)

The Accountancy professional major trains students to be qualified, competent and confident accountants. It equips them with strong academic and professional knowledge and skills in key subjects such as accounting, assurance and attestation, law, taxation and information technology. At the same time, students will also receive training in general business knowledge so that they will appreciate the business environment inside and outside the organisation.

The Bachelor of Accountancy Degree is recognised by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. The Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) has also accredited the Bachelor of Accountancy Degree for direct entry to the Singapore Qualification Programme. Students will start their programme with the Common Curriculum, and conclude their programme with a case study-based strategy course and an applied research project. They will also be required to complete the non-credit but compulsory programme components: overseas experience, work attachment and service-learning/community engagement. Accountancy professional major students are required to complete 200 credit units (cu). MOUs have also been signed with 15 audit firms to provide work attachments for Accountancy students.

Accountancy (Work-Study)

The Accountancy Work-Study programme follows similar structure to the Accountancy programme and enjoys the same accreditation. The only difference is that students in the Accountancy (Work-Study) undertake the following:

  • 2 Work Attachments (instead of 1)
  • More combination of both day-time and evening classes
  • Students will complete a specially customised course to fulfill their mandatory overseas experience and service learning requirements.

In addition, students in the work-study programme will receive a 20 CU credit recognition for the SUSS core unrestricted electives at the completion of the work attachment requirement.

You can only apply and be admitted to either of the Accountancy programmes.

Professional Major - Accountancy
10 cu
SUSS Core Compulsory
  • SCO101 Why Do Good? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO103 New Empires (2.5 cu)
  • SCO201 Space, People & the City (5 cu)
10 cu
Restricted Electives
  • SCO111 Reasoning like a Sceptic (2.5 cu)
  • SCO113 Why Work? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO211 Science for Sustainability (5 cu)
20 cu
Unrestricted Electives

* General electives refers to all credit-bearing courses offered in the University and outside your enrolled programmes
140 cu
Accountancy Major
  • ACC201 Financial Accounting
  • ACC203 Managerial Accounting
  • ACC206 Financial Reporting
  • ACC208 Intermediate Financial Reporting
  • ACC210 Accounting for Decision Making & Control
  • ACC213 Introduction to Income Tax
  • ACC217 Accounting Information Systems
  • ACC302 Advanced Financial Reporting
  • ACC305 Assurance and Attestation
  • ACC306 Advanced Assurance and Attestation
  • ACC307 Taxation of Companies and Partnership
  • ACC309 International Taxation and Tax Planning
  • ACC311 Strategic Management Accounting
  • ACC406 Topics in Assurance & Attestation
  • ACC407 Financial Statement Analysis & Valuation
  • BUS100 Business Skills and Management
  • BUS105 Statistics
  • BUS107 Quantitative Methods*
  • BUS201 Contract and Agency Law*
  • BUS205 Company & Tort Law
  • BUS489 Strategy for Business
  • ECO201 Managerial Economics
  • ECO203 International Economics*
  • FIN301 Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets
  • FIN303 Financial Management
  • HRM203 Human Behaviour in Organisations
  • MKT202 Marketing Management*

* To be taken in the evening with part-time students
20 cu
Integrative Course
& Applied Project
  • ACC488 Accountancy Applied Project*
  • ACC499 Accounting Theory & Practice

* You may replace this with the following:
Replacement Course (Compulsory) Replacement Course (Elective)
ANL303 Fundamentals of Data Mining ANL 305 Association & Clustering or ANL307 Predictive Modelling
Compulsory Non Credit Programme Graduation Requirements
  • 24-weeks Work Attachment
  • Overseas Experience
  • Community Engagement
  • Teambuilding / Life Skills / Career Preparatory Workshop
  • e-Portfolio

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