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The Finance programme provides the foundational knowledge and skills required of a qualified and competent finance professional. With an applied focus and an emphasis on data and technology, our students apply financial concepts to real-life cases and issues. This application-oriented approach gives students the contextual knowledge required to solve complex problems in the financial industry. Armed with these skills, our graduates will be well-equipped to meet the challenges of a demanding yet rewarding financial career, and can expect to find employment opportunities in areas such as compliance, risk management, financial planning, treasury and capital management, private banking and corporate finance.

Finance students are required to complete common curriculum, core business, and finances courses, as well as courses in their selected minor. Students must also complete a case study-based strategy course and an applied research project. In addition, they are required to complete an overseas experience, a 24-week work attachment, and a community engagement.

Students pursuing the full-time Major-Minor programmes are required to complete 200 credit units (cu), which include:

  • 40 cu of SUSS Core
  • 100 cu of Major Courses: 80 cu Compulsory Courses + 20 cu Elective Courses
  • 40 cu of Minor Courses
  • 20 cu of Integrative Courses


Finance Major-Minor Programme
10 cu
SUSS Core Compulsory
  • SCO101 Why Do Good? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO103 New Empires (2.5 cu)
  • SCO201 Space, People & the City (5 cu)
10 cu
Restricted Electives
  • SCO111 Reasoning like a Sceptic (2.5 cu)
  • SCO113 Why Work? (2.5 cu)
  • SCO211 Science for Sustainability (5 cu)
20 cu
Unrestricted Electives

* General electives refers to all credit-bearing courses offered in the University and outside your enrolled programmes
100 cu
Major Courses
Finance Major - Compulsory 80 cu
  • ACC201 Financial Accounting
  • ACC203 Managerial Accounting
  • ANL101e Statistics using R
  • ANL251 Python Programming
  • BUS100 Business Skills and Management
  • BUS201 Contract and Agency Law
  • ECO201 Managerial Economics
  • ECO203 International Economics
  • FIN201 Financial Mathematics
  • FIN301 Financial Instruments, Institutions and Markets
  • FIN303 Financial Management
  • FIN353 Portfolio Management
  • FIN365 Financial Statement Analysis
  • HRM203 Human Behaviour in Organisations
  • LOG202 Managing Operations
  • MKT202 Marketing Management
Major Electives - 20 cu (Choose 4)
  • ANL203 Analytics for Decision-Making
  • FIN355 Equity Securities
  • FIN357 Fixed Income Securities
  • FIN359 Derivative Securities
  • FIN371 Retirement Planning
    (to be taken in the evening)
  • FIN373 Tax and Estate Planning
    (to be taken in the evening)
  • FIN375 Risk Management and Insurance Planning
    (to be taken in the evening)
  • FIN377 Financial Plan Construction
    (to be taken in the evening)
  • FIN381 Governance, Risk Management & Compliance
  • FIN383 Financial Technologies & Innovations
  • FIN385 Blockchain Technology and Smart Contract for Finance
  • FIN387 Financial Cryptography
  • FIN499 Finance Applied Project (10 cu)
40 cu
Minor Courses
Minor Courses (to be taken in the evening)
Please note that not all courses are presented every semester and some courses have pre-requisites. You are to select ONE minor from the list of minors available.
20 cu
Integrative Courses
  • BUS489 Strategy for Business
  • FIN498 Financial Management in the Digital Economy
Compulsory Non Credit Programme Graduation Requirements
  • 24-weeks Work Attachment
  • Overseas Experience
  • Community Engagement
  • Teambuilding / Life Skills / Career Preparatory Workshop
  • e-Portfolio

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