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The Marketing Major-Minor programme provides foundational business knowledge and basic training in the marketing function. Using real-life contexts, our students learn to conceptualise and position products in the market, appreciate how pricing policies and promotional strategies impact product success, and distribute and place ideas, goods and services to best satisfy individual consumers and fulfil organisational objectives. With these highly desired core marketing skills, our graduates can better help their companies succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Our students take Common Curriculum, business and marketing courses, courses in their selected minor and a case studies based strategy course, and complete an applied research project. They are also required to fulfil non-credit compulsory programme components such as a two-week overseas experience, a six-month work attachment, and a service-learning project.

Students pursuing the full-time Major-Minor programmes are required to complete 200 credit units (cu), which include:

  • 40 cu of Common Curriculum
  • 100 cu of Major Courses: 80 cu Compulsory Courses + 20 cu Elective Courses
  • 40 cu of Minor Courses
  • 10 cu of an Integrative Course
  • 10 cu of an Applied Project


Marketing Major-Minor Programme
40 cu
Common Curriculum Courses
  • CCO101 Thinking and Reasoning
  • CCO103 Critical Readings
  • CCO105 Social Research
  • CCO107 World Histories and Issues
  • CCO201 Culture and Diversity
  • CCO203 Sustainability, Technology and Society
  • Elective 1 * #
  • Elective 2 * #

* Elective 1 & Elective 2 are courses offered by SUSS to be taken in the evening outside your major. You may refer for the course lists here.
# It is possible to be exempted from these electives. Click here for details.
100 cu
Major Courses
Marketing Major - Compulsory 80 cu
  • ACC202 Financial & Managerial Accounting
  • ANL203e Analysis for Decision-Making
  • BUS100 Business Skills and Management
  • BUS105 Statistics
  • BUS201 Contract and Agency Law
  • BUS204 Business Excellence
  • ECO201 Managerial Economics
  • FIN303 Financial Management
  • HRM203 Human Behaviour in Organisations
  • LOG202 Managing Operations
  • MKT202 Marketing Management
  • MKT351 Consumer Behaviour
  • MKT358 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MKT361 Business-to-Business Marketing
  • MKT363 Services Marketing
  • MKT390 Marketing Research
Major Electives - 20 cu (Choose 4)
  • BUS354e Customer Relationship Management
  • BUS357 Starting & Managing a Business
  • MKT352 Sales Management
  • MKT353 Retail Management
  • MKT354 Brand Management
  • MKT355 Multivariate Analysis
    (to be taken in the evening)
  • MKT360 Internet & Social Media Marketing
  • MKT362 Pricing
  • MKT364 Case Studies in Marketing Management
40 cu
Minor Courses
Minor Courses (to be taken in the evening)
Please note that not all courses are presented every semester and some courses have pre-requisites. You are to select ONE minor from the list of minors available.
20 cu
Integrative Course & Applied Project
  • BUS489 Strategy for Business
  • MKT499 Marketing Applied Project
Compulsory Non Credit Programme Graduation Requirements
  • 24-weeks Work Attachment
  • Overseas Experience
  • Service-Learning Project
  • Teambuilding / Life Skills / Career Preparatory Workshop
  • e-Portfolio

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