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Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees (New)

The fees you pay each semester is dependent on the number of courses you take. Course fees cover all study materials, classes, assignments and examinations. They do not include fees for other items specified by Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) from time to time.

The following are the fees for subsidised students. (They are subject to annual review and adjustment.)

Courses Fee per course
Singapore Citizens Singapore Permanent Residents*
5 credit units (cu) S$847 S$1,694
10 cu S$1,694 S$3,388
Most courses in the full-time programmes are 5-cu courses. The exceptions are the Integrative Course and the Applied Project, which are 10-cu courses.

Programmes Estimated total fee per programme
Singapore Citizens Singapore Permanent Residents*
Accountancy S$33,240 S$66,480
Business Analytics S$31,240 S$62,480
Early Childhood Education S$31,240 S$62,480
Finance S$31,240 S$62,480
Human Resource Management S$31,240 S$62,480
Marketing S$31,240 S$62,480
Social Work S$31,240 S$62,480
Supply Chain Management S$31,240 S$62,480

Additional Notes:
  1. The amounts listed above exclude GST.

  2. Full-time undergraduate students paying subsidised fees are eligible for Tuition Grants and GST subsidies from MOE. The amounts listed above have already taken into account the Tuition Grants. Student who is not eligible for the government Tuition Grant would pay the full fees (to be determined).
    * Students who are permanent residents are required to sign the Tuition Deed Agreement at the Ministry of Education Customer Service Centre. Details to be provided later.

  3. Full-time students pay an annual miscellaneous fee of S$164.75.
    Miscellaneous Fees Fee (excluding GST)
    Computer fees S$10
    Copyright licensing fees S$15
    Group accidental death & dismemberment S$8.75
    Group hospitalisation & surgical, and Outpatient S$39
    Registration fees S$23
    Student's activities fees S$69

    For more information on the Student Insurance Scheme, please click here.

  4. National Servicemen will pay the relevant tuition fees (along with any increase in tuition fees) based on the year in which they were offered a place in the University for which they accepted.

  5. The fee structure for Common Curriculum electives and Minor courses is the same as that in the part-time programmes.

  6. Students who do not meet fee payment deadlines imposed by the University will incur penalty fees. If fees are not paid, or are only partially paid, by the due date indicated in the bill, a late fee will be imposed. For students with outstanding payment, the University reserves the right to take further action as deemed necessary including barring such students from course registrations in a subsequent semester, cancelling such students' current course registration, withholding results slips or transcripts, and withholding the confirmation of the award of the degree.

  7. If a third party is paying for the student's tuition fees, please inform him/her of the fee payment due date and pay the tuition fee by the due date. In order to maintain students' privacy, we will communicate directly with our students only.

  8. SkillsFuture Credit aims to encourage individuals to take ownership of their skills development and lifelong learning. Starting January 2016, all Singapore Citizens (SCs) aged 25 and above will receive an opening credit of S$500.

    The Singapore Government will provide periodic top-ups to SkillsFuture Credit and as there is no expiry date, SC students may accumulate their SkillsFuture Credit and use it on top of existing government subsidies to pay their tuition fees at SUSS.

    View the list of FAQs on SkillsFuture Credit

  9. Refund Policy
    For newly enrolled students, if written notice of withdrawal is given within the cooling off period1, a full refund of the fees paid less $117.70 (inclusive of GST) administrative charge will be given. No refund will be given for withdrawal or deferment thereafter.

    Existing students who leave the University after the commencement of the semester, either through withdrawal on their own accord or termination of candidature by the University, will be liable to pay fees for the entire semester.

    Student who withdraw from the University within one month after the completion of the SUSS/OBS Team Building activity is liable to pay for the costs of the SUSS/OBS Team Building activity.

    1The cooling off period is defined as 7 working days after payment of the fees for the first semester of your admissions to SUSS. To expedite the administrative process for refund, you are strongly encouraged to submit your notice of withdrawal or deferment to SUSS in person.

Miscellaneous Service Charges

Year 2016 Miscellaneous Service Charges (Full-time Programmes)

S/No Item Fee (excluding GST)
Course - repeat 5 cu
90% of course fee
Course - resit (fail) 5 cu
Deferment of study fee (per semester)
Course choice amendment (Add/Drop) fee*
Examination grade appeal fee (per course)
Assignment grade review fee (per assignment)
Replacement of lost degree certificate
Reprint of transcript fee (per copy)
Administration fee (per transaction)
* after add/drop period

Tuition Grant

The Tuition Grant Scheme (TGS) was introduced by the Government to subsidise the high cost of tertiary education in Singapore.

The TGS is extended to Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) students enrolled for full-time undergraduate programmes at SUSS. Students who are awarded the Tuition Grant will pay the subsidised tuition fees.

Tuition Grant Service Obligation
Only PR students are required to sign a Tuition Grant agreement and are required to work for a Singapore-based company for a period of 3 years upon graduation. There is no service obligation for SC students.

How to Apply
  1. Singapore Citizen (SC) students are required to submit the completed Declaration for Tuition Grant Eligibility Form to Singapore University of Social Sciences, Office of Admissions by 15 July 2017.

  2. Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) students are required to submit the completed Tuition Grant Option Form to Singapore University of Social Sciences, Office of Admissions by 15 July 2017. PR students who are opting for the Tuition Grant are required to sign the Tuition Grant agreement. Further details will be provided at a later date.

Further Information
For further enquiries pertaining to MOE Tuition Grant, please refer to MOE TGonline website https://tgonline.moe.gov.sg. Alternatively, you may email to: MOE_tgonline@moe.gov.sg or call: 6872 2220.